Phase #3: Expansion – Maximize Their Purchase 

 March 29, 2023

By  HiFlyer Experts

The next stage is the Expansion Phase. The Expansion Phase is all about “expanding” on the original purchase and showing the customer how to extract the most value from their product with accessories, services, and add-ons.

For example, my mirrorless camera is great, but I could really use a sturdy tripod to keep my shots steady. And from what I saw in a tutorial video, I should probably consider getting a better lighting setup for a home studio. And from the thread in the private Facebook group, experts recommend a gimbal as well.

Up until the Expansion Phase, you’ve helped the customer adopt their product successfully, you’ve invited the customer into your tribe, you’ve showered them with incremental value not found anywhere else, and you’ve educated them on every benefit of the product. 

Don’t get me wrong; I put recommendations at the bottom of every post-purchase email. The only difference is that the Expansion Phase allows me to make those recommendations the primary message.

You now have the implicit permission to continue helping your customers maximize their purchases by selling additional products. Not only will this approach lead to an easier sell, but you also haven’t broken any of the rapport established in previous phases. 

This approach works for every business. In fact, in my agency, I do the exact same thing: once I hit our mutually-agreed-upon goals and establish a true commitment to helping my clients grow, I then begin to show them areas of improvement – such as SMS, SEO, or paid search – that could help them grow even more. Become a trusted partner and advisor, and you can expand any customer with additional products and services.

Although product upsells and cross-sells are most common, there may be other products or services that can get a lucrative second purchase and increase customer lifetime value. Here’s a look at some of the areas I typically upsold:

  • Recommended Accessories
  • Warranties & Gear Protection
  • VIP paid premium subscriptions
  • Trade-In Gear for Cash 
  • Credit Cards & Financing
  • Product Rentals / Try-Before-You-Buy
  • Omni-Channel (get online buyers to buy in-store)

The Expansion Phase is clearly focused on getting the customer to expand on their purchase by buying additional products and services.  


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