2023 Holiday Email & SMS Strategy War Room: Plan a Killer Q4 in Just 60 Minutes 

 September 29, 2023

By  admin

2023 Holiday Email & SMS Strategy War Room Webinar: Plan a Killer Q4 in Just 60 Minutes


Ever wondered how the top brands run a Black Friday strategy that triples their revenues, keeps competitors guessing, all in half the time and without the guesswork?

News flash: it comes down to great Q4 planning with the experts!

 Here’s the bad news no one tells you: the big brands have ALREADY planned out their entire Q4 back in June… which means you’re already behind and playing catchup during the most critical time of year.

Now you may be ok with “winging it” this holiday season or hiring freelancers that will “experiment” for you but, after a challenging 2023, why risk losing business and customers to your competition during the busiest time of year?


As a former VP of Email, SMS and CRM for the top 9 and 10-figure brands, I’ve run their Black Friday strategies for over ten years… and I know exactly how they win the holiday season!

I’m going to help your brand UNLOCK IT’S Q4 & BLACK FRIDAY POTENTIAL on our 2023 Q4 War Room Webinar for Ecommerce Brands!

On this webinar, I’ll help your brand:

  • Plan out your ENTIRE Q4 Campaign Calendar in 60 minutes!
  • Strategize your segmentation & personalization gameplan
  • Reveal the secret Q4 hacks that the top brands use to beat you every year!
  • Unveil some of our favorite ecommerce vendors that will help you grow your list, improve margins & 2x revenues! 
  • Share mind-blowing revenue results that our 7-, 8- and 9-figure clients get every year during Q4… that you can also achieve

By the time this webinar is over, you’ll be an expert at holiday planning and position your Q4 for immense success!

Learn the Q4 secrets from the expert, author and speaker who actually built them for the top brands!

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