2023 Black Friday Email & SMS Sprint Session: Triple Your Holiday Sales in Just Five Days! 

 November 1, 2023

By  admin

2023 Black Friday Email & SMS Sprint Session: Triple Your Holiday Sales in Just Five Days!

Ever wondered how the top brands stand out from the crowded inbox on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, double their clicks and conversions, and triple their revenues on BFCM weekend alone?

Stop guessing: learn from the email & SMS experts who ran the BFCM strategies for the top brands!

As a former VP of Email, SMS and CRM for the top 9 and 10-figure brands, I’ve sent over 1 billion emails on BFCM weekend alone and, from the strategy to the templates, I know exactly how to win the five day weekend!

Here’s the bad news no one tells you: the big brands have been TESTING ALL YEAR LONG and have the staffing, cash & resources to outmaneuver you on the biggest weekend of the year!

Brands like yours just can’t compete with their time, staff and resources, which costs you money and lost opportunity.

YOU NEED A SHORTCUT TO BFCM SUCCESS AND I’M HERE TO HELP! I’m going to shortcut your path to Black Friday / Cyber Monday success on our 2023 Black Friday Email & SMS Sprint Session for Ecommerce Brands webinar!

On this webinar, you and I will be:

  1. Revealing the PERFECT BFCM email template the top brands use so you can implement yourself!
  2. Mapping out HIGH-PERFORMING BFCM CAMPAIGNS that are guaranteed to get noticed, clicked and converted!
  3. Crafting a PROVEN campaign rollout for every MINUTE of Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend!
  4. Strategizing your BFCM segmentation & personalization gameplan to max out your revenue potential!
  5. Recapping your Q4 goals to ensure you’re hitting milestones before, during and after BFCM!
  6. Unveiling the PRE-BFCM and POST-BFCM strategies that no one ever talks about!
  7. Sprinting into BFCM with a strategic and tactical plan of action that has worked ridiculously well for the top brands!

By the time this webinar is over, you’ll sprint your way to Black Friday email & SMS success and triple your revenues in half the time!

Learn the Black Friday email secrets from the BFCM expert, author and speaker who actually built them! Register for our webinar now!

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