The Ultimate SMS BFCM Strategy for 2023 (Hosted by Mayple) 

 October 23, 2023

By  admin

The Ultimate SMS BFCM Strategy on Mayple’s Ultimate BFCM Event (+ Influencers & B2B)

In 2022, brands raked in a staggering $20 billion during Black Friday and Cyber Monday! 🤯

Want a slice of that pie this year? It’s time to get your ads, creatives, email campaigns, SMS sequences, and influencer collaborations in tip-top shape.

Join us for an interactive workshop featuring some of the industry’s brightest minds, as they unveil the best practices, advanced strategies, and essential tools to help you crush it this BFCM season!

🎤 Our Expert Lineup:

🚀 Isaac Hyman – Uncover the secrets to setting up killer SMS BFCM campaigns for BFCM success.

🌟 Sandra Stepan – Learn how to launch a powerful BFCM influencer marketing campaign in just 5 days!

📊 Kasey Bayne – Dive into the world of creating high-impact BFCM campaigns tailored for B2B companies.

Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to transform your BFCM game! Let’s make this your most successful BFCM ever! 💥🛍️

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