2023 Email & SMS MasterClass for Ecommerce 

 January 30, 2023

By  admin

Webinar: 2023 Email & SMS MasterClass for Ecommerce: How to Unlock the Revenue Potential from Everyone on Your List

FACT: 74% of customers are only 1x buyers… and 80% of them were gained at a discount, which means you have very little profit left for your business.

When you add in a looming recession, 50% higher ad costs and Amazon’s dominance, the path to profitability for millions of small e-commerce brands is shrinking.

McKinsey, Harvard Business Review & Statista all agree: unlocking the true revenue potential of your customers using email & SMS is the BEST way to grow profits by up to 95% and the most-effective way to recession-proof your ecommerce business in 2023.

The bad news: most brands don’t know how to start nor have the time to excel at email & SMS.

On January 26th, I hosted our one-hour 2023 Email & SMS MasterClass on how to unlock the ACTUAL revenue potential from everyone on your list that will save you time and automate your revenue 24/7/365. On this webinar, I will share with you:

  • The SECRET email & SMS strategy that the top brands use to BEAT YOU at ecommerce
  • Deep-dive into the FOUR key pillars of great email marketing that no one is talking about
  • Ways to send BETTER emails instead of more emails, doubling your revenue while reducing email costs.
  • How to AUTOMATE your workflow to save you hours a day while 3x’ing your revenue 24/7/365
  • Our FREE 2023 HiFlyer Launchpad Bundle with EVERYTHING you need to win at email & SMS
  • How to MAXIMIZE PROFITS by turning 1x buyers into lifetime buyers every time
  • The RESULTS you can expect from multiple successful case studies of 7, 8, 9, and 10-figure brands

By the end of my 2023 Email & SMS MasterClass for Ecommerce Brands, you’ll know how to think like the top 1%, how to craft a high-performing and automated email & SMS strategy, and how to finally unlock the true revenue potential of your email & SMS list!

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