2023 Complete Email & SMS for Ecommerce Strategy Roadmap 

 December 30, 2022

By  admin

Webinar: 2023 Complete Email & SMS for Ecommerce Strategy Roadmap

I’m going help you create a 12-month 2023 email strategy in just 60 minutes.

E-commerce is projected to grow by 22% in 2023. But with a looming recession, rising ad costs and shrinking customer spending, the path to growth for millions of small e-commerce brands is shrinking. All the marketing experts agree: getting your customer retention strategy using email & SMS locked in is the BEST way to grow profits by up to 95% and the smartest way to recession-proof your ecommerce business in 2023.

The bad news: most brands don’t know how to plan out an effective retention strategy. Today, I’m going to walk your ecommerce brand through an entire 12-month email, SMS and retention plan that the top 1% use to grow their revenues and profits.

On this webinar, I will be revealing: 

  • 12-month Email & SMS Roadmap that you can use to grow revenues month after month
  • Step-by-step tactical items you can roll out every month in your email & SMS program
  • FREE 2023 HiFlyer Launchpad Bundle with EVERYTHING you need to win at email & SMS
  • Our FAVORITE e-commerce vendors that you may never have heard about (along with unique discounts)
  • Post-Holiday customer retention strategies that will turn those 1x buyers into lifetime buyers
  • Case studies of how foundational email & SMS planning will triple your revenue by this time next yea

Register for our Complete 2023 Email & SMS Marketing Strategy Roadmap and map out your annual strategy in just 60 minutes! See you there!

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