Reason #4 for Why Email Marketing is Critical to Ecommerce Success: Owned vs. Borrowed 

 June 8, 2021

By  HiFlyer

If you could have 50,000 email subscribers or 50,000 social followers, which would be more valuable to you?

So many brands wonder about this.

We covered this exactly in our recent webinar – “How to Grow E-commerce Revenue by 300% Using our S.P.A.M. Strategy”.

If you haven’t seen the webinar yet, watch it here.

Let’s give an example: a client of ours paid to get 20K followers on Instagram. Guess how much revenue those followers drove to the business?

Less than 1% of total revenue. Like low thousands, if not hundreds.

But their email program with the same amount of subscribers is killing it, making 30% of total revenue.

That’s ten’s of thousands of dollars, approaching millions.

Which brings us to reason #2 for why email is CRITICAL to ecommerce brands.

Reason #2 Why Email is Critical: It’s an owned channel vs. a borrowed channel.

The top brands focus on investing in OWNING their customer data, owning their email list and growing customer value.

On Facebook or Instagram, you don’t actually own anything.

You live and die by an algorithm.

If you own an email list, you own DATA. You own OPTIONS. You own historical insights and FUTURE insights on your customers.

You can predict what they’re GOING to do and act on it.

If you focus on social, you’re just borrowing data and renting a follower base from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.

Worse, to truly unlock the value social, you have to spend $$$.

Don’t get me wrong – social is great… but not at the expense of email marketing & a CRM strategy.

Most brands get distracted with likes and comments, using that as a metric for success.

But likes and comments don’t equal $$$.

We actually merge social, email & SMS into a KILLER strategy.

You have to see it.

If there’s one takeaway from this, it’s focus on maximizing your email channel before everything else.

Why? Because it’s the customer and you can own that.

And if you aren’t generating 30% of your revenue from email, that means you haven’t scratched the surface of the potential.

We unlock that potential for you on a Discovery Call.

Keep an eye on this email series.

Next, I’m going to share why email is a UNIQUE identifier and what that means for your business.

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