Reason #3 for Why Email Marketing is Critical to Ecommerce Success: Unique Identifier 

 June 10, 2021

By  HiFlyer

Question: what channel do YOU use to communicate the most on?

(Hint: you’re probably looking at it now)

Let’s see:

To get receipts? Email.
To confirm appointments? Email.
To communicate with coworkers? Email.
To send event reminders? Email.
To create accounts? Email.
To send invoices? Email.
To run ads on Google & Facebook? Email.
To create a Whatsapp account? Email.
To have salespeople not call you? Send an email.

Email, email, email…

Occasionally, text message, but mostly email.

You use email for pretty much everything.

It’s what the industry calls your “unique identifier”.

And for every customer out there, email is their “unique identifier”.

That’s reason #3 for why email marketing is critical to ecommerce success.

If you haven’t seen reasons #1 or #2 yet, recap it here.

If you want to win the customer, build a relationship with the one unique identifier they provide: their email.

People rarely change their email and they use it for EVERYTHING.

So if you want to market yourself to customers, email is the ONE data point you’ll ever need because you can use it everywhere. 

With that ONE IDENTIFIER, you can do ALL of this:

  • Send emails to Facebook and run targeted ads.
  • Build lookalike audiences in Facebook and find more customers
  • Import emails to Google and run better PPC campaigns.  
  • Match them with phone numbers and send SMS. 
  • Export to a CSV and send a postcard with mailing address
  • Identify who’s shopping on your website right now
  • Match the email to a third-party data tool and extract hundreds of additional data points

And don’t forget: you can build a HUGE automated revenue driving email list using email marketing that will bring in 300% revenue growth like our client did

​​And on and on… all from an email address.

Look at the flip side:

Can you use Google data to import to your email list? No.
Can you use Facebook customer data without spending on ads? Nope. 
Can you use Amazon customer data to build your business? No way.

Those platforms are “walled gardens” that protect their customer data because they KNOW it’s super valuable.

So if you’re not focused on getting as many emails as you can AND building a relationship with each one, you’re leaving money on the table.

Money that can help your business grow, free up your time, improve your quality of life and reduce wasteful ad spend.

We’ll show you how to win ecommerce using email.

Book a 15 minute call and let’s see if we’re a fit.

And if you aren’t generating 30% of your revenue from email, that means you haven’t scratched the surface of the potential.

And I want you to compete and win at ecommerce this year.

Keep an eye on this email series.

Next, I’m going to share the #1 reason why email marketing is CRITICAL to success. This reason is EVERYTHING.  

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