Reason #1: The COVID-19 Snow Globe 

 November 29, 2022

By  HiFlyer

This ecommerce strategy article is an excerpt from our new book, The Ultimate Ecommerce Email & SMS Playbook. We’re diving into our ecommerce strategy chapter focused on the 7 Reasons Why Ecommerce Customers Leave Your Brand.

The world is like a snow globe right now. Referencing the McKinsey study once again: 76% of consumers have changed buying habits entirely due to COVID-19, pivoting to brands they never tried and leaving brands that they used to be loyal to. Shaken and stirred. In fact, most shoppers are unsure of where they go next – stick with the brands they pivoted to or go back to their traditional habits? 

Like a snow globe, the snowflakes – aka customers – are still falling to the ground and finding a place to settle. E-commerce has grown by about 44% in 2020 and is on track to grow by about another 30% in 2022, proving that many customers prefer to maintain their new habits. 

The key takeaway is this: customers are still up in the air right now and deciding which brands, products, and experiences they want to stick with post-pandemic. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to grab those customers before they settle into their post-pandemic habits is huge. One question remains: are you in a position to keep the customers you gained, grab the customers who have pivoted and maintain their loyalty after the pandemic? 

Let’s make this point 100% clear: Amazon and the top 1% are extremely well-positioned to grab those customers. If you’re not in a position to grab all those snowflakes, you may squander the largest customer acquisition opportunity you’ll ever experience. The window is closing, the snowflakes are settling, and the top 1% are positioning themselves to grab as many customers as they can. If you want to compete post-pandemic, elevating your customer retention strategy is critical now. 

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