Why Email & SMS is Critical Now 

 November 29, 2022

By  HiFlyer

This ecommerce strategy article is an excerpt from our new book, The Ultimate Ecommerce Email & SMS Playbook. We’re diving into our ecommerce strategy chapter focused on the 7 Reasons Why Ecommerce Customers Leave Your Brand.

I’m a big fan of Home Goods. Every time I go to the local mall and peruse the aisles of Home Goods, I feel like I’m on a treasure hunt, discovering all types of unique items in every department. 

I can actually understand why, as of the writing of this book, they don’t have a true e-commerce operation; how can they truly replicate the in-store shopping experience online? There are about three Home Goods locations within 10 miles of my home, and each one has a unique selection. 

I guess my love for discovering unique treasures rubbed off on my family. One day, my son, Ben, walked into my office and showed me a recent Home Goods find during his recent trip to the mall. It was a snow globe with “The Office” brand, one of my favorite shows ever. 

Similar to the one on Michael Scott’s desk, Ben thought this would be a perfect gift for me. Coming from a nine-year-old, this was a very thoughtful gift and adorns my desk to this day. 

This snow globe gift has even more meaning to me than just being a wonderful treasure. I co-founded HiFlyer Digital during the pandemic, one of the most challenging times I’ll probably ever know. Everything we traditionally knew about the work world – in-office work, stable jobs, 9 to 5 work schedules, and on – were disrupted. The tranquility and consistency of our world were shaken and stirred.

As I’ve mentioned before, the world, in essence, had become a snow globe. Just like a shaken snow globe upends the snowflakes within, the entire world had been thrown into upheaval nearly overnight. That snow globe that Ben gifted me was a perfect metaphor for why email & SMS is critical right now. Let’s take each reason one by one.

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