SMS for Ecommerce Bootcamp: Grow Revenue & Convert More Customers w/ Conversational Commerce! 

 May 19, 2023

By  admin

SMS for Ecommerce Bootcamp: Grow Revenue & Convert More Customers with Conversational Commerce!

On this webinar, I’m breaking down my EXACT SMS Playbook – GIVEAWAYS included. This isn’t just another generic strategy session – It’s a playbook that top brands use to grow faster than ever before with conversational commerce via text messaging.

Here are the facts: 52% of SMS subscribers only signup for two or three ecommerce brands. And if you’re not leveraging SMS, you could instantly lose that first mover advantage.

Here’s the problem: most brands using SMS treat it like email and try to sell customers instead of having a conversation. Worse news: the top brands have already gained a huge SMS advantage over you and you’re stuck in catch-up mode.

I’m here to help. Join me on May 18th and I will share the EXACT SMS Playbook that the top brands use to grow, engage and convert more customers using conversational commerce!

On this webinar, I’ll give you hands-on tips & strategies to help your brand:

  • LAUNCH SMS as a key revenue driver for your business in 2023 and beyond!
  • GROW your SMS list faster than your competitors so you gain first-mover advantage!
  • ENGAGE customers more often using conversational commerce that builds trust 3x as fast!
  • REDUCE WORKLOAD by automating SMS to work 24/7/365 for your subscribers!
  • DECREASE AD SPEND by focusing on the top customer-centric channels: email & SMS!
  • ORCHESTRATE EMAIL & SMS to work in tandem so your brand is omnipresent to shoppers in real-time!
  • PLUS, A CASE-STUDY breakdown of a 10-figure brand that used email & SMS to grow revenue by 300%!

At the end of this webinar, you’ll gain a huge advantage over your competitors by learning & implementing the SMS strategies of the top brands and start growing revenue using conversational commerce!

Stop playing catch-up: don’t miss this opportunity for success; come learn from the best and see results fast!

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