Post-Purchase Ecommerce Playbook: How to Never Lose a Customer Again! 

 March 24, 2023

By  admin

Webinar: Post-Purchase Ecommerce Playbook: How to Never Lose a Customer Again!

With a projected record of $38B being spent by ecommerce brands on paid media in 2023, the importance of acquiring new customers couldn’t be higher.

Here’s the bad news: 74% of customers acquired are are one and done – they buy once and never again. Combining high paid media costs with free shipping, first-time discounts and free returns, brands yield little to no profit from every new customer… and then never see them again.​ The problem isn’t in acquisition; it’s in how customers are treated after their first purchase. With Amazon, hundreds of competitors and DTC startups angling for your customers, delighting, empowering and growing your first-time buyers is critical for survival.

On March 23rd, I shared the Post-Purchase Ecommerce Playbook I used at the top 1% to grow unprofitable one-time buyers into profitable lifetime buyers using email & SMS, including:

  • Post-Purchase Strategy that Goes WAY BEYOND just upsell and cross-sell
  • How to BREAK FREE from the Funnel mindset & embrace the Flywheel mindset
  • Top reasons for why customers leave brands in the first place – The critical four post-purchase stages that most brands AREN’T DOING consistently
  • How Email & SMS plays the most pivotal role in post-purchase communication
  • Proven methods of how brands are delighting their customers that go beyond just emails & texts
  • How to AUTOMATE your Post-Purchase Ecommerce Strategy to run 24/7/365

By the end of this Post-Purchase Ecommerce Playbook webinar, you’ll know how to shock and delight customers and turn those unprofitable one-time buyers into lifetime profitable buyers from now on! Watch our Post-Purchase Ecommerce Playbook webinar now and let’s win at ecommerce together! See you there!

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