2023 Advanced Email & SMS Automations Playbook: Put Revenue on Auto-Pilot! 

 July 27, 2023

By  admin

2023 Advanced Email & SMS Automations Playbook: Put Revenue on Auto-Pilot!

Being stuck in the weeds of your day-to-day email marketing campaigns is the fastest way to get nowhere!

Here are the facts: email marketing automations generate 320% more revenue than campaigns and batch mailings. Brands can see an 180% increase in conversion rates using automation instead of batch mailings! What’s the secret to that success? Segmentation and personalization.

Here’s the problem, though: Your brand spends more time designing, obsessing and sending subpar campaigns that don’t convert instead of working personalized emails that convert 3x as well!

Worse news: The big ecommerce players are killing you with more advanced email & SMS automations that steal your cusotmers, leaving you in the dust and forcing you to constantly play catch-up.

I’m going to help you level the playing field for a change. My 2023 Email & SMS Automations Playbook will take your email marketing automations far beyond the basics by showing you how to build smarter workflows, achieve hyper-personalization, and drive more revenue – increased profits! – from customers 24/7/365.

On this webinar, I’ll show you how to:

  • Break free from the basic automations & create unique high-performing workflows that convert 3x as well!
  • Grow your revenues in half the time by create email marketing automations that work overtime for you!
  • Engage your subscribers like never before with the advanced segmentation & personalization flows
  • Kiss those heavy workloads goodbye by automating your campaigns to work tirelessly, 24/7/365, for your beloved subscribers!
  • Keep customers loyal, engaged and excited to hear from you with advanced lifecycle marketing automations!
  • Achieve mind-blowing revenue results like our 7-, 8- and 9-figure clients get every year!

By the time you digest this playbook, you’ll be a master at email & SMS automations, and be able to triple your clicks, revenues, and profits in 1/3 of the time!

Break free from obsessing over day-to-day campaigns and start growing revenues on auto-pilot 24/7/365! Register for our webinar now!

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