August 25

Wanna Grow Your Email Revenue by 300%?


Have you ever wondered about the best way to increase your ecommerce revenue using email?

Is profitable, predictable and sustainable ecommerce revenue a priority for you this year? If so, email marketing & CRM will play a critical role in that goal.

With so much attention paid to social media, SMS, Google PPC and Facebook ads, it’s easy to pass off email marketing as “dead”.

The truth: 95% of ecommerce brands don’t know how to implement a strategy that works and they resort to a batch & blast approach, leaving millions of dollars on the table and watching thousands of customers churn monthly.

Watch: Why Email Marketing & CRM is Critical to Ecommerce Success.

On this podcast, I unpack,

  • Why having a customer-centric email program is critical to ecommerce RIGHT NOW
  • How the ROI of email marketing dwarfs every other channel
  • Why customer loyalty is the best investment you can make
  • How profits from email fuel other business and marketing investments
  • How CRM is key to turning one-time buyers into repeat buyers and brand loyalists!

Watch our full webinar here.

On this webinar, I’ll show you how our patented S.P.A.M. strategy creates huge ecommerce revenue growth, increases customer loyalty, reduces churn and breaks you free from reliance on paid media.


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