10 Best Practices for Email Marketing to Generate Leads 

 November 9, 2022

By  HiFlyer

email marketing generating leads

Email marketing is one of the best lead-generation strategies. With this form of marketing, you typically reach out to people that find your website on a Google search, visit your landing page, interact with the content, and fill out the opt-in form. Knowing how to plan and execute your campaigns before blasting emails can give you an edge and improve your success rate. Let’s look at ten best practices for email lead generation.

Best Practices for Email Marketing to Generate Leads

If you want your email marketing campaigns to pay off, do these things:

1. Create a Solid Email Lead Generation Strategy

A marketing strategy helps you plan and anticipate success. In digital marketing, an email marketing strategy enables you to create the right message for your readers and serve it at the right time. It ensures you do not miss important dates and announcements, which helps you nurture leads and increase conversions. Create a strategy and keep tweaking it until you achieve the highest open rates, and track how many people click through your links.

2. Invest in a Capable Email Marketing Software

The right email marketing software allows you to automate your campaigns, increasing your chances of getting the best results. You can use it to collect information about how many people open your emails, the time and day they open them, and the type of content they prefer. It enables you to schedule emails ahead of time and even edits them later. Purchase software that will allow you to continue adding new subscribers and segment them based on their interests. Using the right software will assist you in distinguishing between a sales lead and an empty spot on your list. You can also purge lists and unsubscribe subscribers who are no longer interested in your messages in order to focus only on those who are likely to buy. From automation to post-campaign analysis, an agency like Hiflyer Digital can assist you with this process.

3. Understand Your Target Audience

Segment your subscribers based on their requirements. People at various stages of the sales funnel have different needs, and your emails should be able to meet the needs of each subscriber. It is also possible to allow the target audience to select their favorite categories when filling out the opt-in forms. This way, you can send them valuable content regardless of where they are in the customer journey.

4. Do A/B Tests to Make Your Campaigns More Effective

A/B testing of the subject line, format, and CTAs is beneficial. Experiment with different headings and audience segments. Send emails at different times and days, and if possible, experiment with different CTAs to see which one works best for each audience segment. Hiflyer Digital can assist you with A/B tests to ensure that optimized campaigns are sent to all of your target audience.

5. Avoid Spamming Your Subscribers

Although it is tempting to send every blog post you publish to your subscribers, is this a good lead-generation strategy? Perhaps not. Your readers have a preference for how you communicate with them. Depending on the subject, some people want one email every week, others every two weeks, and still others once a day! Understanding your target audience will assist you in determining how frequently you should send emails. According to research, most subscribers prefer to receive one email per month.

6. Collect Email Addresses Ethically

Many marketers are tempted to buy subscribers at the start of their email lead generation journey. This, however, is not only unethical but also illegal. If you are unsure where to begin, hire a digital marketing agency that is familiar with GDPR laws and can build authentic lists in days.

7. Sell by Solving a Need

Your subscribers are not interested in learning about your company. They don’t want you to use their emails to plead with them to buy your products. They will unsubscribe if you send too many promotional email marketing campaigns. Show them how you intend to meet their needs. When you demonstrate that your solution will meet their needs, they will purchase it, and you will have met your email marketing and lead generation objectives.

8. Measure Results

Everything you do online, including email lead-generation tactics, should be measurable. Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns to determine whether you are achieving the desired results or wasting money. Make certain that your resources are directed toward the most effective lead-generation channels.

9. Use Social Media Channels To Generate New Leads

Schedule daily social media posts to encourage people to interact with your brand and continue to subscribe to your emails. Nowadays, you can pin an email lead generation campaign to Twitter, which can be an effective way to keep growing your list. Social media can also assist you in generating new leads, either organically or through paid advertisements. Collaborate with the digital marketing agency Hiflyer to generate sales leads from social media.

10. Add Creative CTAs to Convert Leads Automatically

You can generate leads through emails, but your conversion rates will be determined by the effectiveness of your call-to-action message. Always include a creative call to action that tells your readers what they should do after reading your email. It could be a link to download, read more, buy, or take advantage of an offer. Make certain that the landing page you send them to in order for them to complete the action is properly optimized.

Use Email Marketing To Generate Qualified Leads

Are you generating leads via email, and are those leads qualified and ready to purchase? Investing in the right tools can aid in the optimization of your email lead generation strategies and increase sales. Hiflyer Digital specializes in email lead generation. Our team is committed to ensuring that you are attracting and converting as many email leads as possible. Book a call to receive a free email audit and start growing your business with quality email leads.

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