October 22

Listen: Strategy No 5 That The Top 1% Of E-Commerce Brands Are Focusing On This Holiday Season


Holiday Segmentation

For a lot of businesses—especially in the retail and eCommerce sector—the holiday season can be a make or break. Take full advantage of the holiday season by using segmentation for your brand.

Not sure where to start?

See Isaac Hyman Co-Founder Hiflyer Digital explaining how to start using segmentation to maximize your sales.

Want to win the holiday season in just 5 days?

Then, our next webinar is CRITICAL.

“Triple your Black Friday / Cyber Monday Revenue with the Ultimate 2021 Black Friday Launch Plan

” Watch a two-minute sneak peek:


Watch our full webinar here

On our 2021 Ecommerce Holiday Playbook webinar, which highlights the plan I’ve used successfully to drive

MILLIONS in holiday revenue at the top 1%, I’ll show you the key strategies and tactics for a successful holiday


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