August 30

Why Ecommerce Brands Fail at Email Marketing & SMS


Here are the top reasons why e-commerce brands fail at email marketing and SMS… and what our agency experts recommend improving. On this video, we unpack what are the possible reasons for email marketing and SMS failure.

Why E-commerce Brands Fail at Email Marketing & SMS

If that’s the case, why do ecommerce brands fail at email marketing, SMS and CRM so badly? Why do we see so many brands struggling with it? Kind of like saying “Oh does it make sense to me, I don’t know if it’s a great thing, email is dead.” Why are brands failing at it?

#1: Not Building a Relationship

Number 1 reason why brands fail at email, SMS and CRM is that they’re focused on selling their stuff. Remember, it’s not about the list, it’s about the relationship you have with the list. Yet most brands are focused on selling stuff and not developing nurturing or personalizing a relationship they’re just saying, “I got stuff to sell, let’s shoot out an email.”

#2: Email Marketing Batch & Blast Approach

Brands take a batch and blast approach and just you know talk at them. Well, that doesn’t really work too well for them so they fail. It’s also known as spray and pray. Like “I got something to say, I’m going to shoot it out there and see what sticks.” That’s inefficient.

#3: Project Their Own Email Marketing Experience on Others

Many brands also project their own email experience on results. They say, “Oh, I get emails from here, emails from there, it’s all in my inbox, it doesn’t work, and it’s just sitting there.” Or “I get emails from work, I never check them,” and things like that, right? So they project their own email experience on results and kind of neglect the channel 

#4: Zero Focus on A/B Testing

There also is zero focus on learning or A/B testing. Very interesting story: we were just implementing a culture of testing at one of our clients and just by testing alone we saw a 30% lift in revenue… because we implemented testing. We didn’t look at results yet but just we saw that testing led to a jump in revenue. So there’s zero focus on learning or testing from most brands they just feel like, “hey it doesn’t work, so why am i testing on it?”

#5: Customer Journey is Not Linear

They also don’t realize that a customer’s journey is just not linear right a customer is not going necessarily from an email to buying the product. It doesn’t necessarily work that way. Customers may get an email and may decide to buy something else within the email, something else online they may have jogged their memory and they have said like, “oh yeah by the way i need this too.” So it’s not a direct correlation between showing the product within the email and buying the product, it’s not linear.

#6: Email & SMS Less Appealing Than Social Media

It’s not as appealing as social media so it’s not as prevalent people, they don’t think about it as much. It’s just not a really the type of channel that everyone says like, “oh yeah, yeah let’s run emails, let’s do it right.” Social media is much cooler, it’s much hipper, it’s got these cool influencers. So brands kind of neglect email marketing and SMS.

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