October 6

Ecommerce KPI’s To Measure Customer Lifetime Value


Here are some of the ecommerce KPI’s to measure customer lifetime value.

  1. Average Order Value
  2. Average Customer Lifespan
  3. Purchase Frequency Rate
  4. Churn Rate
  5. Lifecycle Migration
  • 1x buyers to 2x buyers
  • Non-buyers to 1x buyers
  • Active vs churn rate
  • Risk of churn to active

Watch our full webinar here.

In this webinar, I’ll show you how to grow revenues by 600% by implementing a customer lifetime value strategy Why growing customer value is 6x more beneficial than just acquiring new one-time customers.

How to leverage email, SMS, and social media to grow one-time buyers into multi-purchase buyers.

How social media and user-generated content plays a KEY role in growing lifetime value Upsell hacks to grow orders AND order value


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