March 13, 2023

By  HiFlyer Experts

Reason 1 | Why Ecommerce Brands Fail at Email Marketing & SMS: Bad Relationship Building

The biggest problem faced by companies today is the loss of customers after their first experience with the company there are many reasons and one of these includes the lesser-known and commonly neglected term “post-purchase adoption”. But here lies the main evil most companies don’t even know what is post-purchase adoption.

Post-purchase adoption is the process by which a customer begins to use and integrate a purchased product or service into their daily life. This adoption process is crucial in determining whether or not a customer will become a repeat customer.

When a customer first purchases a product or service, they have certain expectations and goals in mind. If the product or service meets or exceeds these expectations, the customer is more likely to continue using it and become a repeat customer. However, if the product or service falls short of these expectations, the customer is likely to be dissatisfied and may not purchase from the same company again.

Post-purchase adoption plays a critical role in this process because it directly affects whether or not the customer’s expectations are met. If the adoption process is seamless and the product or service is easy to use, the customer is more likely to continue using it and become a repeat customer. Conversely, if the adoption process is difficult or confusing, the customer may become frustrated and abandon the product or service altogether.

Therefore, post-purchase adoption is a critical factor in determining whether or not a customer becomes a repeat customer. By ensuring that the adoption process is smooth and easy, companies can increase the likelihood that their customers will continue to do business with them, while also building a positive reputation in the market.

 In order to have good customer feedback and gain permanent customers it is important to meet customers’ expectations and one should also build a good client connection.

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