Striking Gold: Finding the Sweet Spot for Email Frequency in Your Automated Workflow 

 August 14, 2023

By  HiFlyer Experts

Hey there, hustlers! Let’s dive into a question that’s more crucial than picking the right hashtag – how often should you hit that send button in your automated email flow without turning your subscribers into escape artists?

Listen up, because this is pure gold advice. It’s all about balance, my friends. You ain’t a clingy ex; don’t bombard your audience like a rainstorm. But then, you ain’t a reclusive artist either; don’t ghost them for months!

Here’s the scoop: dish out value like it’s hotcakes on a Sunday morning. If you’ve got something juicy to share, drop that email bomb. But for the love of all things digital, don’t spam like a robot gone rogue.

Pay attention to engagement. If they’re gobbling up your content, maybe you can slide in a little more often. But if they’re giving you the cold shoulder, give ’em some breathing room.

So there you go, champs. Keep it sizzling, but don’t let it burn. It’s all about timing, relevance, and making sure you’re in sync with your subscribers’ vibes. Now go and email like the rockstars you are!

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