Reason #6 for Why Email Marketing is Critical to Ecommerce Success: Profitable Channel 

 June 6, 2021

By  HiFlyer

We just completed our free webinar – “How to Grow E-commerce Revenue by 300% Using our S.P.A.M. Strategy” – and we were blown away by the response.

If you haven’t seen it yet, look for it here.

It seems so many people sleep on the email channel.

“It doesn’t work”.

“The channel is dead.”

“Social is where it’s at.”

Yet they saw our webinar and saw that they’re probably sitting on a goldmine.

Here’s one stat to take away now: $0 ad spend = super profitable.

Email is super profitable because you don’t need to spend money to make money.

And it’s even more critical now.

Recent iOS changes are reducing Facebook’s tracking options. Which means your ad spend and returns will eventually be unreliable.

Our client was bringing in 4% ($40K) of total online revenue ($1M) from email.

Last month, he brought in $40K in April alone, about 30% of total revenue.

Same list. We worked it better.

All profit. No ad spend.

NOW, he has cash flow to invest in Facebook ads, Amazon ads, PLA, you name it.

When he met with us, he also said “email is dead.”

Now, he’s our biggest advocate (look for our case study with him shortly).

If you’re serious about e-commerce, or serious about being profitable, we should talk about how to maximize your email channel.

Let’s have a 15 minute chat about email >

(Next, I’m going to share why email is the most customer intimate channel. If you love your customers, learn how they’ll love you back.)

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