Cracking the Timing Code: When to Send Black Friday Emails for Maximum Impact 

 October 8, 2023

By  HiFlyer Experts

Hey, hustlers! Timing is everything, especially when it comes to Black Friday emails. So, when’s the sweet spot to hit that send button? Well, it depends on your audience, but here’s a game plan:

  1. Early Bird Gets the Worm: Start early in the week leading up to Black Friday. People are already in shopping mode, and you want to be on their radar.
  2. Thanksgiving Evening: Many folks are relaxing after a feast and browsing deals on Thanksgiving night. Sneak in with a tempting offer.
  3. Black Friday Morning: Early birds are out shopping in the wee hours. Send a morning email with limited-time offers to catch their attention.
  4. Throughout the Day: Space out your emails during the day to cater to different schedules. Lunchtime and evening are often good slots.
  5. Weekend Follow-Up: Keep the momentum going over the weekend with follow-up emails and deals that extend beyond Black Friday.

Remember, champs, A/B testing is your best friend here. Test different send times to see what resonates most with your audience. In the world of Black Friday emails, timing can be a game-changer! 📧⏰

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