Seven Reasons Why Your Customers Will

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Market Research on Why Customers Leave Brands for Amazon & D2C Competitors!

Powered by data from Harvard Business Review, McKinsey & Co., Ernst & Young, Statista, eMarketer and more, you'll reveal the top 7 reasons in 2022 for why customers will eventually leave your brand for the competition. (Hint: it's not just about Amazon!)

How to Level the Playing Field & Reduce Customer Churn Significantly!

74% of e-commerce customers are 1x buyers and never buy again. Using the market data on why customers leave, you'll discover the exact strategies that the top brands use to stop the bleeding and reduce customer churn from destroying their bottom line.

The Secret Strategy of the Top 1% That Keep Customers Loyal, Happy & Profitable!

Now that you know why customers churn and you've stopped your funnel from leaking, you'll uncover the exact strategy, mindset and tactics that turn 1x buyers into lifetime buyers... which creates more profitable, predictable and sustainable for your business.