Ecom 80/20 Podcast: Episode 19: GUEST: Matt Cimino: Popups & Acquisition with Amped 

 June 6, 2022

By  admin

Episode Notes:

Meet Matt Cimino

Matt Cimino is a Growth & conversion expert for ecommerce.
He’s the founder of Amped – a popup tool you can be proud of.
Matt previously founded Exit Intel, which is an agency helping eCommerce companies optimize email and sms capture. Matt has just now launched Amped, which leverages everything learned over 8 years building Exit Intel, working with several hundred direct to consumer brands.
Matt is a serial entrepreneur who learned to code when he was 14. He’s built a web development agency, a vacation rental software, an ecommerce platform, and more recently Exit Intel and now Amped.
Matt and his wife Angharad live in Raleigh, North Carolina with their 1 year old son.
We talked about how important it is for ecommerce sites to have a good pop-up on their website, and not just check off the box to say they have one. It has to work well and be customized to the type of visitor they get each session.
Isaac: “Visitors come to your site & its ‘buy’ or ‘goodbye’, and most brands don’t focus on “good to meet you”. Not enough time is spent learning about the customer.”

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