6x Your Revenue By Turning One-Time Buyers into Brand Loyalists! 

 August 31, 2021

By  HiFlyer

When COVID-19 hit, e-commerce boomed! Millions of stores saw a HUGE influx of buyers who needed a place to shop. 

Unfortunately, 75% of customers ONLY make one purchase, leaving brands NOW with a ton of churning customers and no strategy to win them over as brand loyalists. Worse… running basic out of the box automations is simply not enough to withstand competition from tech startups and Amazon. 

Luckily, we built the social & email strategies the top 1% use and now I bring them to you! On this webinar, I’ll be joined with Chavie Fuchs, our social media expert, and we’ll be sharing:

  • How to grow revenues by 600% by implementing a customer lifetime value strategy
  • Why growing customer value is 6x more beneficial than just acquiring new one-time customers
  • Why the “out of the box” automations Shopify, Mailchimp and Klaviyo offer aren’t enough
  • How to leverage email, SMS and social media to grow one-time buyers into multi-purchase buyers.
  • How social media and user generated content plays a KEY role in growing lifetime value
  • Upsell hacks to grow orders AND order value

If you want to grow your customers to buy more, spend more and advocate FOR YOU, contact us today to learn how!

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