Ecom 80/20 Podcast: Episode 00: Meet Isaac Hyman & Yaakov Rosenberg 

 December 20, 2021

By  HiFlyer

Meet Isaac Hyman & Yaakov Rosenberg

Full Transcript:

Yaakov: Hey Isaac welcome to you and to everyone who's joining us on this uh really awesome kickoff podcast we're super excited to be here and can't wait to bring you the best content we got about ecommerce businesses, how to grow them into the top secret one percent.

Yaakov: So why don't you tell me a little bit about yourself what your experiences your background and why we should be listening to you as an e-com expert.

Isaac: That's a great question not many people listen to me so i just kind of like you know my wife doesn't listen to me my kids don't listen to me so uh but i'm glad to be here to talk a little bit about e-commerce because the e-commerce pla brands are the ones who should be listening to us. So uh first off do you want to just maybe talk about the you know why it's called the e-comm 80 20 podcast you want to jump into that a little bit yeah actually right clarify that perfect so i think you're right we all know i mean you've been doing this for a long time i've been doing this for a long time we've all just seen that you know it's the 80 20 rule that's what everything's based around the Pareto Principle where eighty percent of your revenue comes from twenty percent of your customers, eighty percent of your results come from twenty percent of your work right i think we see that you probably you know great you're managing a team all the time you know exactly what that's like you know so and just i think with pretty much with e-commerce brands they're just really focused on driving a lot of one-time customers all the time and they're not focused on growing them yet majority of revenue comes from growing them so that's 80 20. so that's the uh you know the more you focus on your best customers the more will the more they'll grow in revenue the more they'll be profitable wouldn't you say yeah i think we'll spend a lot of time over the next little while uh focusing on ways to grow the existing customers i think that's really the goal here you know everybody can do lead generation it's easy to get you know people into your door but how do you get those people that are already there how do you get them into multiple time buyers and i think that's that's going to be our goal here to help these businesses turn those one-time buyers into multiple time buyers

Yaakov:  so isaac what where did you get started in e-commerce why don't you tell us a little bit about about what you're up to what you've been doing and uh and where you really got got your feet wet

Isaac: sure yeah definitely um well i mean i could go i can go to this let me go slide yeah go to the slide go to the video tape got it okay fine so let me do this one second here

so that's a great question uh you know pretty much i originally had started out um i've been i started as a director of email crm for some of the some of the largest e-commerce brands in the nation i was lucky enough to really you know work with some of the top experts in the field they're some of them are now ceos at larger companies than where i was at and they just have grown they've done such a good job in teaching me how to develop an ecommerce strategy specifically with email and crm so i was blessed to be able to work with some of the top people out there um i've managed multi-million dollar email lists um hundreds of automations and probably a lot of the automations you probably you probably see or you know about i probably know you know surprisingly probably about uh 10 times the number of automations that we typically most brands typically do so that's that's a really fascinating fact that everything can be automated right i think you know anything could be automated these days right it's all about connecting them all together and leveraging data and triggers and so that's really cool to see most of us want to just automate our life right like if we could how great would that be right we could automate our life oh man that would be fantastic you know they automate all the daily tasks and a lot to be honest a lot of apps are doing that now they're just inserting themselves into the customer journey and inserting themselves into well we don't want the machines to take over just yet not not just yet we'll get there but not yet judgement day eventually um also i i was lucky enough because of i've managed a lot of email lists a lot of brands and e-commerce stores that are really you know 10 you know like i said seven eight nine figure brands i was lucky enough to be an award winner for the best email performance at blue core summit beating out some of the brands like sephora and jockey the kind of brands you definitely know about i've been a guest speaker at etail luckily you know hopefully speaking at detail in palm springs in march so that's going to be exciting awesome um going to be at post funnel spoke up post final blue course summit other industry events and um i've just you know i personally have worked with hundreds of brands in ecommerce stores internationally and today i've done the work so that's that's kind of where where um my background is like you know i came from that that's why my niche was 80 20 right that 80 20 rule email sms crm that's really where the magic is at. How about you why don't you want to share a little bit about about yourself and and what your experience is like.

Yaakov:  yeah so i i've been in uh digital digital marketing and and e-commerce as well as non-e-commerce brands for the last 11 years started when i was doing it full time as like a pet project on the side and really transitioned into into a full-time gig when i realized that i could i could do it well um i i love getting into the nitty-gritty i'm a tech guy and i love the details so you'll always find me uh either in the back end of a woocommerce site or or in the front end of a facebook ad campaign geeking out yeah that's me i i'm the geek out here so um i i recently became certified in clavio because that's where all the digital and e-commerce email marketing goes if you're not running klavio you're you're doing it wrong so that's uh that was something that i am proud of and i managed some some big facebook and google ad accounts uh five six figures on returns and um just i've been in the tech and and um and marketing space for the last 17 years of my career and i don't see that changing anytime soon i love this stuff so so yeah that's a little bit about me.

 um and so guys all right what's what's more what's super like amazing about email or sms or crm that really attracted you to the space what why there if you were in paid ads account ad accounts then you've been on the back end of technology and then you've seen the you know you know my wife will be the first one to tell you that i'm cheap and uh and if i can avoid spending my clients money i'll do it you know email is one of those channels it's the only channel pretty much that you own the data you own your customer and you can talk to them as many times as you want as many times as they'll listen to you without spending any money on it um whereas google ads and facebook ads you have to acquire to pay to acquire new leads and pay to acquire new customers whereas if you have the email address your gold you already have that data and you have the information you can use that in so many different ways other than just sending an email you want to target that email you want to segment it you want to automate it you want to personalize it all that is perfect and the best way to to talk to your customers

that's that's so true i think it reminds me of for myself it reminds me of the time when i had a case study with this vendor called persado um would they do this fantastic artificial intelligence subject line testing you could tie into emotions instead of all this constantly fomo right you know everyone's like an urgency last chance so like uh they do a lot of this um you know um achievement subject lines and gratitude subject lines and so many different variations of it that they could scale up and kind of pivot anyway so i did a case study with them and you think of the secret one of the things that really i kind of realized on the spot while i was doing this case study was that you need to be excellent at connecting with the person behind the email so a lot of people think of email or sms also as like the end-all right but i think what attracted me to this space and probably you can testify that too is that there's a person behind every email there's a person behind every text message or phone number right yeah we're talking about not not email accounts we're talking to people somebody's reading

right right exactly and then most people think of it like the ones ones and zeros and you know clicks and opens but there's an actual human being there in most cases so that's really what was fascinating about awesome and yeah we we recently talked to uh to a client about this and his his response was that he wants to be the guy who talks to the other person on the other side of the screen you're not just you know giving them a discount not just giving them a coupon you're having a conversation you're personalizing this message so that it's as if you're sitting there you know talking to the person directly and that's the way that's the way you kill it at email so uh so isaac why why did you feel that high flyer was the way to go why did you start high flower why did we why did we start hard fire what was who were we trying to target and what we're trying to do with it that's a great question actually yeah and when you think about it um there's there's a few reasons why we even came up with the name right um the name comes from pretty much there's so many different if you can break down this name a little bit that you can see different things right first you have the high right then not only but put aside the fact that h that high flyer h-i-g-h flyer was already taken but yeah we'll buy them out in a couple years high's cool high is high right but hi is exactly it it's a greeting right it's uh you connect with someone that's a greeting um i know you're based in israel so it's shalom you know and uh but hai is the formal greeting and that's kind of you know synonymous with where we are as an agency is that we're here to connect with the person right build that relationship absolutely and then high flyer means essentially that you're constantly kind of elevating your your your communications you're elevating your messaging you're elevating the relationship you're the customer and growing that that's kind of that high flyer you're you're taking off you're launching the relationship that's why you have the paper airplane but you know i think the biggest area where not many brands know and realize is that the funnel concept is not really as relevant for ecommerce right we have this ad going now right that says the funnel is dead long live the flywheel right the flywheel is really where um i believe at least we kind of agree on is that the flywheel is is how you achieve marketing and the flywheel as you know is is about how do you acquire a customer how do you convert them and retain them long term and then how do you get their data and how do you get them to become advocates for you and then attracting new people and then absolutely they bring in new ones and you convert and retain those ones and so on and so forth that's that kind of full flywheel right they don't just they don't just drop out of the bottom of that funnel right you get people into the top and then typically you see people just fall out if they make a purchase grade if not you lose them whereas a flywheel keeps everything circular and keeps everything going through the system and back you know utilizing that data as much as you possibly can awesome yeah through its own momentum right you can step away and say you know i'm acquiring these many leads i know i can nurture them into into high quality customers that are profitable and just turn it on and it just constantly runs and i think we see we see that with pretty much a lot of clients that they turn on specifically with their automations they turn on their automations and then um you know we know for a fact they can go away go to sleep go hibernate for half a year turn off all their ads yeah magically they'll still make make money yeah make twenty thousand dollars fifty thousand hundred thousand dollars a month just from the fact that they have that flywheel emotion so awesome so so let's let's stop there let's not give away too much in our first episode and uh i could talk all day about this you know that yeah we can talk all day about i know you can for sure um you love this stuff we both love this stuff we're we're living it so we have to love it um and we do so we want to thank everybody for listening and uh next time we'll talk about the six reasons why email and sms are critical right now so thanks again and we look forward to seeing you next time amazing yeah we're i'm so excited to share more insight i think we're going to have a great time on this podcast and really give back to the to the to the community and to help really ecommerce brands compete to win.

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